SuiteASSURED - The world's first warranted CRM application

SuiteASSURED is the world’s first warranted open source CRM Application. It is a discrete build of the award winning SuiteCRM. It is separately maintained, tested and product-managed exclusively by SalesAgility. SuiteASSURED is a mature enterprise grade CRM application with contractual assurances and warranties providing surety to enterprise-class customers and to organisations who operate within compliance driven environments.

SuiteASSURED undergoes extensive security and penetration testing. As well as our own support team performing rigorous ongoing internal security testing, we work in tandem with some of the world’s largest cyber security organisations. These organisations execute a number of penetration tests and follow recognised industry standards and best practices (e.g. CREST and OWASP). Any vulnerabilities will be prioritised and addressed accordingly, helping to maintain the highest levels of security within SuiteASSURED at all times.

SuiteASSURED provides all the advantages of a mature open source product, such as stability, rapid development, high levels of security, peer audited code, open standards, and affordability; but with SuiteASSURED you also get the assurances, warranties, indemnities and long term support your organisation needs. This is a game changer for compliance driven organisations by enabling faster innovation at greatly reduced costs as well as contractual guarantees usually only associated with proprietary vendors.

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Reliability - SuiteASSURED been optimised to perform in enterprise and compliance driven environments. It warrants that the software is free from significant programming errors and defects and comes with “L3” support which is provided by our dedicated support team.

Maintenance - SuiteASSURED comes with built-in maintenance, includes the provision of bug fixes, maintenance packs and upgrades. A dedicated portal is available exclusively for SuiteASSURED clients.


Security - SuiteASSURED complies with high levels of security standards and undertakes a strict security testing policy. Ongoing security and vulnerability checks will be carried out by our dedicated in-house team and third party cyber security organisations

Indemnifications - SuiteASSURED indemnifications include (i) replacing any infringing portion of the software (ii) modifying the software to make it compliant (iii) obtaining the rights necessary for a customer to continue using of the software without interruption.

Warranties - SuiteASSURED warrants that the copyrights in the software are owned by or have been licensed to SalesAgility and we have the right to distribute the software (copyright warranty).

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